It is the first post in 2009, so U Call That Love wish Happy New 2009 Year to everyone out there.

Lets it started in 2009…We bring to us a new interview with Seth Rich of Earatik Statik, underground group from from the lovely city of Chicago, IL home of the next President of the U.S.A Barack Obama

Hey Seth, I apreciate that you agreed for the interview. We are close to X-Mass and New Year’s Eve and new 2009 year. Could you sum up 2008 year, are you satisfied with all your goals? Have you accomplished your all missions?

2008 was a year of preparation for the 2009 release The Good The Bad & The Ugly; We also did some shows around the Country and recorded 2 videos. 2008 also brought an exciting election that will bring some much needed Change to the U.S.

How could you describe your style? What are yours influences? In the underground we got many artists, so how Earatik stand out of another hip hop crews?

Our style is just us. It is a combination of Sef & Los. Everything you hear is really us. Overall our sound is pretty gully.
Now you are well-known in the underground, but I am really interested in Earatik’s past. Could you tell me about yours basic steps in the rapgame? When you met yours friends e.g. The OPUS, Molemen?

Sef & Los met in High School back in the day. We got together with Brotha El and made a demo in 1998 called the “Lox It Down Suite”. The demo made its way into the hands of Strik 9 Records in New Orleans. They pressed it up on CD and Vynal in 1999. In 2000 we met the Opus and recorded a follow up 12” called “Hot Lava/Natural Disaster. In 2002 we recorded a song with Panik from The Molemen called “Stop Playin” feat Rise & Shine on Tuff Luv Ent. The Opus did the B-Side Getta Grip. In 2003 we released “Keep Rockin” on 12” on HeadNock Records. In 2004 we released “Evil Is Timeless” on Gravel produced by The Opus in 2005 The Album “Feelin Earatik “ came out on Gravel Records.

DJ Rude One of S.M.P. (Single Minded Pros) is Earatik’s DJ. I link him with CHi-Town underground scene. Have you given a offer to this turntablist to join to Earatik or it was a natural process to consolidate with you and Celo?

We worked with Rude and Doc from SMP soo well they are family & we consieder both of them Earatik. Nowadays we both are very busy with our own things that we use other Djay’s for touring purposes. Rude is a very sought after party djay.

You record for independent label, Gravel Records. Have you ever wanted to move to another, maybe some bigger than Gravel Records like Babygrande Records or Duck Down Records?

Many people have asked us this question and we always answer with this. At Gravel we have 100% creative control; which is what we care about most. If another opportunity were present itself we would def listen.

„Feelin’ Earatik” it was a debut album, which was dropped in 2005. The tracklist consist of awesome guests like Akrobatik, Kool Keith, K-Solo. Edo. G and producers like The OPUS, Molemen, Diamond D. What do you thinking of this release nowadays?

We still love that record; and we still listen to it occasionally, but we have grown so much between projects that this new record is far superior.

The first single of „Feelin’ Earatik” was „Keep Rockin” (released in 2003), but the second single, „Evil Is Timeless/People Like Us” gained a lot of supporters in whole country. Do you think that it was a good choice to drop this as 12″ single?

Yes, “Keep Rockin”, was good because the people that heard it liked it, but the record didn’t get the push it should have, therefore “Evil Is Timeless” had to make it for the record to be a success. “Evil Is Timeless” also had a video backing it up and got a lotta love because of Diamond D on the B-Side. To this day most emails I get are about this 12”.

„Feelin Earatik” received critical acclaim from reputable magazines like The Source, XXL, URB. Did you suprised when you heard about it?

Yes, the CD got a lot of press we were surprised not at the press, but the high level of magazines that choses write about it.

The next Earatik’s album, „The Good, Bad & Ugly” is still unavaiable. This album was originally expected in June 2007. Could you tell me, why it is officially non-release yet?

We really tried to take our time & make the best record we could. We really want to bless the people with a real banger & I guarantee they will not be disappointed. The record can be preordered at for the release date of February, 10.2009.

Could you tell me more about yours performances? You have been played with OutKast, Ice Cube, DIgital Underground, Atmosphere and many others artists. I heard that when you rock every show people love you.

We have a high energy stage show were we rap to the fans and not just at the fans. If you ever get a chance to check us do show. We very cool to hang out with as well. If you ever see us on the street, stop us and we can have a drink.

What could you tell me about Chicago underground hip hop scene? Many others cities got strong underground too, so how could you entreat people to l

ten artists from Chicago? What is a advantages and disadvantages of Chi-Town local scene?

Chicago has a very diverse scene. It consists of many styles that make it a happening spot. The advantages are there are a lot of rappers. The disadvantages are there are a lot of rappers. You are going to find a lot of people you like and a lot of people that you don’t.

What is your opinion about collaboration between artists through internet? I ask about that because Earatik Statik got this type of cooperation. In 2006 Earatik appeared in track „Don’t Fuck Wit Us”, which was relaesed on 12″ single by Polish producer Kut-O. How you mention this collabo?

Working with Kut-O was very easy, because he is a real Talented dude. He got some bangin ass beats.

How looks now live in US? Financial crisis and president elections have brought a lot of changes. 

Not yet, US still struggling, but people have a lot of hope and pride. Especially here in Chicago, where Barack Obama is from.

In Chi-Town live many polish and other natonalities. What is your opinion about live in cultural cauldron? Is it still disagreements between people from other nationalities?

Yeah there is still some racial differences here, but growing up here does help us understand a lot of different cultures. For instance, Me and Carlos have a lot of friends from Poland, cause there are soo many polish people living here. We understand a lot of customs and they understand us more than if they probably stayed in Poland.

You have been on some European tour. Could you compare European and US shows in public and promoters way? Do you want to arrive in Europe again?

We love Europe, there is a lot of energy there that we love to tap into. As soon as we get a call we over there.

Thank you for the interview. Last shout for the readers?

Yes, Please make sure you cop the new record “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” feat. Sean Price, Sadat X, EdO.G and production from Pete Rock, Large Professor, S.M.P. Kaz1, J-Zone… People can order from

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Looking for „The Good, Bad & Ugly” Feb 10, 2009 feat. Sean Price, Sadat X & EdO.G w/ Production from Pete Rock, Large Pro, J-Zone & more.